Welcome to Vantage

The largest door-to-door marketing company for pest control, and for good reason.

There are many reasons why Vantage Marketing is the largest door-to-door pest control company around. Vantage has more options in more markets than any other company, and it doesn't stop there. At Vantage we have a unique culture that keeps people coming back for more. But don't just take our word for it; check out some of the reasons that keep Vantage growing year after year.

Introduction to Vantage Marketing

The Reviews

This is what our own reps are saying about us. We think what our people have to say should be at the top of the list.

"The best company in the industry. All my life goals and aspirations have expanded from my experience with Vantage." - Zach M.

"I was able to get some really good one on one training from people with a lot of experience, and feel confident from the beginning because of their training program." - Katrina T.

"This company is outstanding, from leaders, to regional managers, all the way up to the owners these guys have been nothing less than awesome to me!" - Zack J.

"Trust is everything here at Vantage and that is exactly why I sell for them." - John L.

Market Selection

Vantage has more markets available to its reps than any other other door-to-door pest control company. 

The Culture

Here's what matters the most to us.

"I’ve been doing summer sales for 6 years now and I have yet to find a company that cares more about each individual than here at Vantage. I am constantly blown away by how much time the Vantages owners, Tom Karren and Shandon Cole, spend with each representative of their company. This job requires your complete time and attention, the last thing you need to worry about is whether your company is doing their part. Vantage will ALWAYS take care of the details so you can focus on doing your work."  - Nic V.

more than 83% of our reps finished the summer...
more than 90%of those who finished are coming back...
100% of our reps were treated like a person, not just a number.
And did we mention how much fun it is?

Great Times


The Experience

We take an HR approach to business making sure every rep has the best experience possible. As a result everyone benefits.

Vantage Marketing is a well-oiled machine and the people running it really know what they're doing. I have the utmost respect for the owners because of their work ethic and values. The company is booming and this is the time to get in! I wouldn't sell for any other company. - Jeremy R.


The Compensation

Vantage's compensation is very competitive. 

If you want the chance to make a lot of money then Vantage is the right place. Many people who start with us are looking to simply make enough to get ahead but are surprised by how much they actually make. For every account, that a representative has had serviced, Vantage pays that rep a commission of the total contract value. Reps are paid using a retroactive pay scale; which means, when a certain production goal is met, the commission rate for the rep increases and this increase applies to all previous sales as well.



Trust is an essential part of our culture.

Trust starts with a small investment and grows over time. We want your trust, and we'll work hard to earn it, but if you want our trust then you'll have to earn it. Trust grows through personal responsibility and accountability.